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2024-04-15 09:00:00

ISC West 2024, hosted in collaboration with premier sponsor the Security Industry Association (SIA), delivered another year of successful programming and welcomed more than 29,000 security industry professionals to The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas.

ISC West 2024 had a record number of attendees and it’s not a coincidence that trade show growth is happening alongside innovative development within our industry. As we expand our solutions into new territory, we’re attracting new industries, tech partners and curious-minded individuals to join us at the table.

From this event, we got to know there’s a lot of business intelligence systems like ours can deliver. Industries like transportation, education or manufacturing don’t typically extract the type of data we can deliver and I think that’s why our industry is starting to garner more attention than we’ve traditionally seen and why ISC West attendance is growing.

“When you talk to someone about their organization and its mission, they never go ‘we’re just like everyone else’ – it’s always ‘here’s how we’re different’ and there’s genuine pride behind those differences,” said Michael, Chief Marketing Manager – US and EU.

“That’s why I love our system. We give our customers a solid foundation so they don’t have to worry about the basics, like controllers and readers or the overly complex, like cyber-security, because we take care of it for them and we do it through a single pane of glass.

“With those in place, they’re free to go off and build out the exact solution their business needs, or to get creative and take their systems in entirely new places. That’s real value, and if I had to summarize the theme of what I saw at ISC West this year, that’s the word I’d use.

“It’s not about whether a system is open or closed, rather it’s about a unified approach that s a solid foundation to open the doors wide for new possibilities.”

As for ISC West 2025, that will take place from April 1-4 at The Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas.We are so glad and can’t wait to attend.

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