Smart City

Smart City is a very large and comprehensive management system. It not only needs to meet the needs of public security management, urban management, traffic management and emergency command, but also takes the needs of image monitoring in the aspects of early warning of disaster accidents and monitoring of work safety , But also consider the integration of alarm, access control and other supporting systems and the linkage with the broadcasting system. The establishment of a smart city to improve the management efficiency of managers and emergency handling capabilities, but also for people's lives and property safety play an important role.


Most of the smart city monitoring points are outside, the environment is harsh, requiring products with moisture, lightning, shock, dust, wide temperature work, stable POE power supply and other functions. Monitoring points at the same time the distribution of a wide range of larger, with long-distance transmission, anti-electromagnetic interference and other acteristics.

The program design monitoring system using branch management mode, the use of optical network approach to set up, monitoring point front-end using industrial-grade switches (LA-IS4N-G0208, LA-IS6N-G0408, LA-IS7M2-G0208, LA-IS8M-10G0424P) all the images, information aggregation, upload directly to the Public Security Bureau Branch monitoring center.
Using giant LA-IS8M-10G0424P, composed of optical fiber redundant ring network, to achieve long-distance reliable transmission, and ring topology to reduce wire loss, composed of LA-RING ring (self-healing less than 20ms) can be accidentally disconnected in the optical cable or its equipment Failure to quickly resume information transmission.

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