MWC 2024 | Three major inflection points of FWA

2024-03-08 09:00:18

With the large-scale deployment of 5G around the world, FWA services, as an important UC of 5G, are helping operators achieve business success. The FWA business is also ushering in three major inflection points in terms of strategy, business and network, accelerating the development of the home broadband business.


Inflection point 1:

Strategically, in the 4G era, the 4G FWA service is used as a supplement to the home broadband service. In the 5G era, 5G FWA services have become the mainstream choice for home broadband services.


First of all, in terms of user experience, the 4G FWA rate is about 30Mbps, which is similar to the copper experience, while the 5G FWA rate reaches 100M~1Gbps, which is comparable to the fiber rate, which greatly improves the user experience. Second, in terms of business value, the current 5G FWA is comparable to FTTH and larger than 4G FWA, which greatly improves the business value to operators. Finally, in terms of cost, the spectrum price index for 5G is reduced to half that of 4G, and at typical speeds such as 100Mbps, the cost of 5G FWA is reduced to 65% of FTTH. In the past three years, 50% of operators have released 5G FWA services, and it is expected that by 2030, the penetration rate of 5G FWA users in the top 20 countries will reach 10%-30%.


Inflection point 2:

In the past, FWA services reused part of the MBB network and process, which was fragmented and unsystematic, but now operators are building end-to-end and systematic FWA business processes based on the acteristics of FWA services.


Huawei believes that operators need to build integrated and unified processes in the following four areas to facilitate business development. First, based on the abundant second-party data of operators and the third-party data of the industry, the basic database and large model data of the business + network are built to open up key business processes and realize business process transformation. Secondly, based on the key portraits of users' business behaviors, regional income and home width, high-value users are comprehensively identified in multiple dimensions. Thirdly, based on the user's traffic consumption, package usage saturation and other information, guide the package design and match the best package for the user; Finally, based on the user's hotspot app, experience satisfaction index and other information, the network is guided to set experience assurance parameters and guide the user to optimize the air interface signal and WiFi coverage.


Inflection point 3:

On the network, wireless home broadband networks have gone from being able to provide best-effort UPTO services in the past to providing a deterministic guarantee experience for the first time.


For the high-end group, Upto's speed is difficult to meet consumer requirements; For the entry-level group, the affordability of terminals is one of the biggest challenges. The advent of the 5G-A era will help us solve these challenges. First, the extremely high peak experience rate and 5G FWA extreme capacity lay a solid foundation for user experience. Second, Huawei has developed a complete FWA user experience assurance solution to ensure that the user experience of high-value users is closed-loop. Finally, in the entry market, Huawei and its partners will introduce Redcap CPE to the home broadband market to accelerate the migration of existing 4G users to 5G, improve the 4G user experience, and maximize network value. Finally, Dr. Song Xiaodi said that the FWA business is redefining the home broadband business, and Huawei will work with all sectors of the industry to accelerate the development of the FWA business.


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