Lanbras attracts talents by relying on its vision and culture, achievements and opportunities, policies and welfare treatment. Here in Lanbras, each member grow as an individual, succeed as a team. Connecting makes us stronger and achieve greater.


Lanbras was established with two guidelines: Determination decides outcome; Contribution makes achievement. We provide the platform, the rest are all yours. Determination and Contribution will make you success.


Career development channel: we provide employees with dual career paths for management and professional development. Employees can design practical career development channels for themselves according to their own acteristics and business development, and gradually realize the career development plan by continuously improving their own working ability.

Director of International Business Department


1. Over 3 years of foreign sales management experience in the optical communications industry, fluent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English;

2. Proficient in international trade knowledge and the entire foreign trade operation process, proficient in document knowledge, familiar with relevant laws and regulations of international trade and international practices;

3. Possess excellent organizational coordination ability, team building and management ability, and strong planning and execution ability;

4. Strong anti-stress ability, able to lead and train foreign trade salesmen to develop overseas capabilities, and can complete the company's prescribed tasks in a timely and effective manner.


1. Responsible for the management of the international business department team, leading the team to complete sales indicators in foreign markets;

2. Responsible for the summary and analysis of foreign market information, combined with the company's strategic planning, formulate marketing plans and sales plans;

3. Responsible for the supervision and uation report of foreign exhibition preparation, participation and follow-up;

4. Help salesman solve difficulties in order and check business progress;

5. Regularly analyze market trends and organize personnel training and learning.

Technical Director


1. Master degree or above, more than 5 years working experience;

2. Rich experience in engineering technology and research methods of optical active devices and passive devices, proficient in basic theory of optoelectronics and optoelectronics;

3. Familiar with the discipline of optoelectronic devices and high-speed optical device packaging processes, equipment, test standards and test instruments, and has rich experience in the development of new products and production;

4. Positive and strong, strong pressure resistance.


1. Responsible for the development and management of the company's high-speed integrated devices;

2. Responsible for the entire process from device development to production;

3. Responsible for production line construction and device technical problem solving and analysis;

4. Responsible for cutting-edge technology research.

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