5G Evolution Outlook --- Influencing Innovation Trends After 2025

2021-04-02 10:00:00

"The next wave of wireless innovation will be 5G evolution."

"5G has got a good start, but it has not yet arrived." In the past two years, the global 5G commercial progress has been exciting. But as the most important mobile communication technology before 2030, 5G is a long-distance race, and it must undergo continuous evolution and enhancement before it can burst out with strong vitality. In the seminar, the participants put forward the goals and driving forces of 5G evolution from the dimensions of network construction, business requirements and technological changes.

“By 2025, the per capita DOU in 5G’s leading regions will reach 100G, and industry applications will also show more diversified needs than toC. The key features of 5G defined by 3GPP can meet many current requirements. Demand, but facing the future, we need 5G evolution to solve many existing problems through continuous innovation, so that 5G networks can maintain long-term competitiveness." China Mobile’s chief expert Xu Xiaodong said.

Five reasons for the industry's 5G

· 5G's industrial-grade performance

· 5G's restructuring of the production system's fractured UseCase

· 5G's diversity and flexibility

· 5G can be unified and other communication technologies

· 5G is a platform that guarantees the future. 

Among them, the key to guarantee the future is the continuous evolution of 5G. The 5G system equipped in the factory can still continue to add new capabilities and features in the future, such as REDCAP, positioning, etc. This represents good investment protection and is very important for the manufacturing industry.

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