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Data Center Managed Switch 32x100G QSFP28, 2x10G SFP+


LA-SWM3-DC100G32X10G02B delivers unprecedented 32x100G QSFP28, 2x10G SFP+ in single rack unit of space.

Data Center Managed Switch 32x100G QSFP28, 2x10G SFP+


LA-SWM3-DC100G32X10G02B delivers unprecedented 32x100G QSFP28, 2x10G SFP+ in single rack unit of space.

LA-SWM3-DC100G32X10G02B delivers unprecedented 32x100G QSFP28, 2x10G SFP+ in single rack unit of space, with 6.4Tbps total performance as an ultra-powerful appliance. Each QSFP28 port can be configured as 1x100G, 1x40G, or via DAC breakout cables 2x50G, 4x25G, 4x10G. It is primarily packaged to meet the requirements of deployments that require smaller form factor and access to all network ports. The switch is designed with hot/cold aisles with port-to-power and power-to-port airflow SKUs all ports on front, with dual hot-swappable PSU and hot-swappable 4 cooling fans accessible from rear.

It is high port density, and low latency for cloud-oriented data center networks and high-end campus networks, supports an extensive range of data center features, SDN (Software Defined Networks) capabilities, stacking technologies. It is featured with VXLAN, EVPN, M-Lag, VLAN, MAC, Routing, QoS, IPv6, STP/RSTP/MSTP, which nables you to build scalable, simplified, open, and secure networks for high-performance computing clusters and high-frequency trading applications, supporting as a spine switch supporting 40/100G spine interconnects.


High Reliability

It provides enhanced Ethernet reliability technologies such as STP/RSTP/MSTP, R-link at millisecond-level protection switchover, as well as LB (loopback check) to ensure link-level reliability. Support 1+1 redundant hot swappable power supply and an AC power supply and a DC power can be used simultaneously. Moreover, the switch supports fault detection and alarms for power modules and fan, fan speed can be automatically adjusted according to temperature variations.

High Switching Capacity

The backplane capacity is up to 6.4Tbps to provide all ports with non-stop forwarding. It high performance makes sure to build a reliable, sustainable high speed IP networks. It provides high density 40/100G port. It can meet the high density, high bandwidth access and aggregation application scenarios of data center and campus network.

Powerful Services Support

It supports IGMP snooping, IGMP proxy, IGMP filter, and IGMP fast leave for robust multicast. It offers wire-speed replication of multicast packets between VLANs, and multicast load balancing among trunk member interfaces to meet requirements for IPTV services and other multicast services.

Superior Quality of Service

It offers Gigabit Ethernet with intelligent services that keep everything flowing smoothly with mechanisms for marking, classification, and scheduling. It supports traffic classification based on abundant criteria such as MAC/IP address, Layer 4 TCP/UDP port number, protocol, port and VLAN. Each port supports 8 priority queues with multiple queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/PQ, DRR, SP/PQ+DRR to ensure the highest-priority packets are processed ahead of all other traffic.

Advanced Security

It offers a comprehensive security solution by providing service security in three aspects: subscriber, switch and network. Subscriber security helps protections among customers with multiple features. DHCP Snooping, ARP Inspection, and IP Source Guard help to identify each customer based on MAC, IP address and port information to help prevent malicious attack. Switch security means CPU can be protected from DoS attack and storm. The port security feature allows controlling the number of MAC addresses against overwhelming the switch memory. Network security is to filter all incoming traffic for ensuring only valid traffic passing through by applying different ACL rules and IEEE 802.1x authentication prevents insecure terminals to intrude illegally into the entire network.

Provided Fix Ports

32x100G QSFP28/40G QSFP+, 2x10G SFP+

Management Ports

1x RJ45 100/1000Base-T out-of-band

1x RJ45 Console, 1x USB Type A

Main Chip

Broadcom BCM56870





Switching Capacity



4K VLANs; 1:1 & 2:2 VLAN Mapping; QinQ, ive QinQ; MAC based VLAN; Protocols based VLAN; Guest VLAN; Voice VLAN

Port Trunk

LACP; 32 trunk groups at most, up to 8 ports in each group


128K MAC; Static MAC; Dynamic MAC;

IP Routing

Static Routing; OSPF; ISIS; BGP, GRE


IGMP snooping, IGMP filter, IGMP Proxy and IGMP fast leave;

Multicast replication between VLANs; PIM-SM; PIM-DM;

Source Specific Multicast (SSM)


STP, RSTP, MSTP; R-Link protection, VRRP, Trunk, Redundancy power

BPDU Guard, Loop protection, Root protection;


Packet filtering at Layer 2 to Layer 4, filtering out invalid frames based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, TCP/UDP port number, protocol type and VLAN ID

Time range ACL

Rate limiting with granularity at 64Kbps

Port-based traffic policing and two-rate three-color CAR

8 queues on each port

Flexible scheduling algorithms, including SP/PQ/DRR/SP/PQ+DRR

Re-marking of the 802.1p priority and DSCP priority


User privilege management and password protection

DoS attack defense, ARP attack defense, IP source guard

Binding of the IP address, MAC address, interface

Port isolation, Port security

Black hole MAC address entries

Limit on number of learned MAC addresses

802.1x authentication, RADIUS authentication

SSH v2.0

CPU protection

Data Center Feature


Energy Saving

Dynamic fan speed adjusting


& Maintenance

Port mirroring and Flow-based mirroring

Configuration via CLI, Telnet, Console port

SNMP v1/v2/v3, RMON, LLDP, Cluster network, Syslog, Traplog

Third-Party GUI management platform based on SNMP

Loading and upgrade via FTP/TFTP

Port loopback detection

Operating Environment

Operation temperature: 0℃~ 45℃

Relative humidity: 10%-90% (non-condensing)

Input Voltage

AC: Rated voltage range: 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz

Maximum voltage range: 90V to 264V AC, 50/60Hz

DC: Rated voltage range: -48V to -60V DC

Max voltage range: -36V -72V DC

Product Dimension

440x400x44mm (W×D×H)

Power Consumption




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LA-SWM3-DC100G32X10G02B Data Center Managed Switch 32x100G QSFP28/40G QSFP+, 2x10G SFP+
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